Autumn Vacation

After three months of wild business in Duluth’s Canal Park, I will be taking a little breather.

The shop will be closed:

Tuesday 9/13/2016 – Tuesday 9/20/2016 

Thanks to all of you for the patronage and support.


Old banjos, New tools.

Most of my tools are hand tools. They work quietly, patiently, and very well when I’m present with them. They make my job pleasant. Occasionally, though, it’s so satisfying to ride the drone of the router with some Massive Attack clipping along in the background. #massiveattack #handtool #powertool#braintool

Finding my 14th Year

Working for myself has been a journey. It’s taken me through unexpected territory which both inspired and terrified me along the way. My business has been the fertile earth, as well as the sown seed. Combined with the nourishing sun and rain of my community, clients, and friends the sprout has become a little tree.
Establish a root, rise up, reach out. 
Thank You all for 14 years of support, patience, fellowship, and more ailing instruments than one man could believe. #miigwech 

The Blessings of a Public Workshop

I meet a lot of people in my little shop in Canal Park. It’s been a real joy to connect with so many. Occasionally, I meet a family who comes in together and we share a little time. Somedays, like today, I get to meet a family who show up for one another in a beautiful way. There is a sense of support, interest, and togetherness that goes along with them that pulls the joyful kind of tears. I love seeing that. Kudos, family.


I never met a new guitar I liked as much as an old one.

It’s true. I love old guitars. Anything before 1920 catches my eye, and my ear. I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to restore these old parlor guitars from yesteryear for my clients at Rosewood. The oldest ones I’ve brought back to life hail from the 1850’s. Today I spent some quality time with my own instrument. It’s needed some tuning up and fretwork for a while now, but I never seem to get enough time to fix up my own guitars. Today, I made the time because I’ve been craving the sweet voice of this 1880’s Lyon and Healy Lakeside. It was worth it!

Unusual Hours This Week

This week I will be out for a funeral, and then will be altering my hours to avoid the heavy traffic during the Grandma’s Marathon festivities. Please check back soon if I’ve missed you.

  • Tuesday
    • 10am – 6pm
  • Wednesday
    • Closed for a funeral
  • Thursday
    • By appointment only
  • Friday
    • 10am – 3pm (closing early for Grandma’s Marathon)
  • Saturday
    • Closed for Grandma’s Marathon
  • Sunday & Monday
    • Closed

Keep Moving!

Digging into an old project today. Making sense of curves and straight lines and how they influence one another. Limits, expansion, growth. 

“You rush a miracle worker, you get lousy miracles!” – Dresden

Summer in Canal and all is well. I’m working hard to find ways to focus on what’s essential here at Rosewood. I strive for efficiency, and after nearly 14 years in business, I’m beginning to be able to identify the things in my business that are vital.

  • Quality Workmanship
  • Courtesy
  • Record Keeping
  • Knowledge
  • Dedicated Labor

I’ve never been able to work as quickly as many of my clients would like. I am trying to address that issue. Not so much by working faster, but by eliminating some of the unnecessary aspects of my day to day operation.

This kind of work will always take a slower path, though, and it’s worth giving it the time it deserves.

Thank you, personally, if you’ve ever taken it upon yourself to give me a little extra patience. It does the whole world a lot of good, I think.