Surf’s Up!

It’s a rare treat when a bejeweled surf guitar comes into the shop for a bit of work. Today I had the pleasure of installing two new pickups in this DiPinto Belvedere. I wired in two GFS Nashville Minitron humbuckers (provided by Guitar Fetish) and it sounds great. I only wish I had Super Reverb in the shop to give this guitar a real go!



  1. Brian LaFrenier

    That’s a sweet looking guitar Mike. Lookin at this right now and I can almost hear the surf. Even in my motel room in Montana! Off to another fire tomorrow. See you in the fall! I think I need a fret job on my Guild. Wish I could fit a guitar in my fuel truck……….oh well
    Take care,

    • maf

      Yeah, that guitar was excellent.

      Hope you are getting a little downtime out there in the wilds of Montana. Lots of fires to fight this year?

      I’ll be glad to help you out with your Guild whenever you’re back in town.

      Thanks for reading!

      Take care.

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